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The Girl with the Windup Heart

The Girl with the Windup Heart - Kady Cross ** Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5

REVIEW: Ah, Steampunk, young romance and a futuristic Victorian London — nothing sexier and better combined. Kady Cross brings back my favorite group of friends, Griffin, Finley, Emily, Sam & Jasper. This time around they are trying to fight an invisible entity that doesn’t seem want to stay dead. The Machinist has taken Griffin into the AETHER and is going to kill him. I really enjoyed this book because I just loved how much fun these characters are. Their ingenuity does not take away their intelligence and agility.

Throughout the series they have been facing all sort of obstacles, trying to spare humanity from things they wouldn’t be able to understand and fight. As Griffin gets a hold of his power and learns to control it, the Machinist seems to get stronger, making Griffin more aware of his weakness. Oh but the fun doesn’t stop there, Jack Dandy is back and so is Mila. Oh I loved Mila, her intelligence & beauty unmatched and her big heart growing more human.

I enjoyed so much seeing her character grow. Her character though it is new and somewhat different was able to integrate easily to the story. Her hunger for knowledge and her need to experience life only added more appeal and interest to the story. I enjoyed every aspect of Mila’s interaction with Jack. I loved her curiosity, her inability to lie and her ability to express her feelings. I liked her enthusiastic and energetic personality. Her character made the story sweet and funny. The experiences of a first love, first kiss and touch proved to be exactly what the story needed to balanced out the evil that the Machinist kept bringing upon them.

I admire the authors ability in creating a modern yet old Victorian London. The way she describes the scenery, the locations and the world around can easily transport the reader to those times while also preparing them to imagine and picture what a modern Victorian London would look like. The plot in this story was a combination of first love, found love and the perpetual fight of good vs evil. The Girl With The Windup Heart was nicely crafted & beautifully executed. I enjoyed every aspect of this story, the characters and their emotions, the characters interaction and action not to mention the many discoveries they have come to experience individually and as a group.

Kady Cross is a great Steampunk ambassador, she has kept me hooked on the genre and I have yet to discover a flaw in her books. I loved everything about them, I highly recommend it if you enjoy an imaginative story in which magic and technology meet to create a world of young love, courageous people and true friendship.