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Review: Master Of Crows by Grace Draven

Master of Crows - Grace Draven

Author note: This fantasy romance contains adult situations and graphic descriptions of physical intimacy.


REVIEW: Master Of Crows is an adult fantasy novel that brings magic and sexy to new highs. I haven’t read adult fantasy in a very long time, I still don’t know why I stopped but I am happy to have chosen this book to start again. Master Of Crows is beautifully written, the setting is hunting and beautiful, and the story and characters are fantastic.

Master of Crows is the story of Silhara an outcast and feared magician, who was born to serve as an avatar to the God of Corruption. The story flows beautifully, the author creates a beautiful world of magic and power where the character’s aren’t always in charge of their own destiny.


Silhara was born to be the avatar, the perfect vessel, strong and intelligent and with the skills needed by the God of Corruption. The God of Corruption is determined to rule  the world and while Silhara is tempted by its power and promises of respect and devotion he isn’t easily seduced. He prefers to die than being a slave of Corruption, that’s until his heart falls for his apprentice. An unassuming woman who is in possession of a great gift, a gift that could give him power and life but one that could easily be his death.


I really enjoyed this story, the character development was fantastic. Their dialogue and interaction was funny and intelligent. Martise was lovely, from her calm and strong personality to her  blunt and not so innocent flirts with Silhara, I loved her character. Silhara at times intuitive, yet always intelligent and calculating. His past one that inflicted suffering but that past shaped him into the man he became. His story developed beautifully, the author did a great job exploring his feelings and desires.  The character developed at the same pace as the story flowed, never slowing but never feeling rushed.


The characters feelings developed slowly, this was not love at first sight which I enjoyed. Martise was not the typical damsel in distress, her character is strong and smart. It brings the balance necessary to the story, creating a funny yet intelligent interaction that at times makes you gasp, while in often times makes you giggle. I loved how their love grew and their actions dictated their future.


Master of Crows is a great steamy love story that pushes the boundaries of the genre. At times extremely sexy and imaginative, others beautiful and poetic. I can’t recommend this book enough, if you are looking for an unique story with touches of fantasy and beautiful world building yet a steamy and detailed romance this is the book for you. This story touches the reality of love and the sacrifices that comes with it, putting in question if love is a sacrifice all on its own.

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