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Review: Sins & Needles

Sins & Needles  - Karina Halle

REVIEW: Sins & Needles is the first book in the Artistry Trilogy, in this book we are introduced to Eden (Ellie) Watts, a troubled, damaged twenty six year old woman whose life has being difficult and nightmarish from the start. At an early age, Eden learned the art of robbery, the art of lying and the tricks of hiding in plain sight. Her life has never been easy, she has done everything she needed to do to survive and to always stay ahead of the game.

Sins & Needles is quite different from many romance stories I have read. The concept unique, refreshing and interesting because it puts a different spin on the heroine. The plot flows between the present and a series of flash backs giving the reader an idea of what happened to Eden during her younger years and helps in a way set the grounds and justification for her actions.

The story flows as we get to know the many ways in which Ellie has been wronged by her parents and how her life slowly turned into a disaster. From her predispose future set on course by her parents, to the ways in which she rip the people she loves off and gets involved with the wrong man, this is one of the kind story, the author did a great job crafting Ellie’s character. Her anger, her dark nature and attitude makes her an interesting character. Though at times readers may accept her actions as a justification for her terrible childhood, readers may also find it difficult to agree with her reasoning and question her sense of survival. This dark romance has every bit of uncertainty, sexual desires, a combination of dark personalities & violent attraction between the characters. From the character callous ways in which she takes advantage of people she loves, to the way in which her expectations and egotistic attitude gets her from one trouble to the next, this story nicely maps out her life and exposes her vulnerabilities in many ways.

Sins & Needles has a bit of everything, the darkness that makes it interesting and the romance that makes it likeable adding a touch of spice to make it a hit. The male characters are enthusiastic and perhaps the one thing that adds edge to the story. This story will appeal to readers who like me enjoy flawed & broken characters and characters driven stories, but I have to question the reason behind her non stop and impulse in which she gets herself in one trouble after the other. Readers can expect rocky relationships, characters with selfish motivations and agendas but all the while maintaining redeemable qualities.

Sins & Needles is one of those stories that have many good things, enough to counter balance the negatives and one that readers may end up loving it as much as they hate it. It has a good story line and evolving characters with strong voices. If you enjoy stories where the heroine is not the usual damsel in distress then you will enjoy Sins & Needles.

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